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Cover letter for consulting internship popular university presentation sample

Cover letter for consulting internship

It's tempting to use an eye-catching font and format. But it's actually a bad idea. You only risk your interviewer thinking: "I've never seen this font, it looks really weird. Who is this person? Your cover letter is not the time to be shy. If you went to Harvard and have three Olympic medals, now is the time to say it!

Most of us don't, and that's fine. But the point is that you should really push yourself to bring your most impressive accomplishments forward. This might sound surprising but a big part of the cover letter is how much networking you have done. Having networked with people from the firm you are applying for pays dividends for multiple reasons.

First, they might recommend you to the HR team. And you can quote these soundbites in your cover letter to show that you really understand the firm you are applying for. Unfortunately, networking is not always easy or possible. In these cases, your second best option is to read as much as you can on the firms you are applying for.

You should read about about firm's projects, reports and partners and find pieces of information you are really interested in. For instance, if you did your master thesis on electric vehicles, try to find who works on this topic at the firm and what they have to say about them.

And then mention what you have found in your cover letter. One question we often get is: "Should I write one letter per firm? But it's not as hard as it might sound. Every cover letter needs to answer three questions: Why you? Why consulting? And why this firm? The only paragraph you will need to change in every letter is the one about "Why this firm? Most candidates underestimate how much time it takes and start this process too late. You'll need to take a step back and reflect on every thing you have done to date to highlight your most relevant experiences.

This takes multiple iterations. Start early. One of the keys to success is to get feedback from peers or former management consultants. These people will be able to point out which parts of your letter they don't get or don't find impactful enough.

In our experience, great candidates all look for feedback and iterate their letter until it's truly as good as it can get. It's a lot of work, but not many people do it so it's worth it. Finally, you should check and double check your letter for typos and grammar mistakes - multiple times. A cover letter is an unannounced writing test and you should really treat it like one.

Now that you know about the 10 most important tips to craft the perfect consulting cover letter let's use them to build a McKinsey cover letter sample you can reuse for your own application. Every consulting cover letter should be split out in 5 sections:. Let's step through each section one by one and highlight the important elements you need to take inspiration from in your own cover letter.

I started working as an Analyst at Big Finance in New York in September and was quickly promoted to Associate in a year and a half instead of the average four years. While at Big Finance, I advised a broad range of clients who constantly gave me positive feedback and regularly asked to work with me again. Whiles studying I received two competitive scholarships and awards.

It is the first section of your cover letter and therefore the most important one. It should state the TOP 3 achievements of your life to date that are relevant to consulting. These achievements should be as unique and as memorable as possible. When your reviewer reads them they should think "Wow, that's impressive. I want to know more about this person. To write this section you need to step back and ask yourself "What are the most impressive things I've done with my life so far? In our experience discussing this with a close friend can help.

It's sometimes easier for them to quickly point at the impressive things you have done as they are an external observer. Saying you have been promoted "in a year and a half instead of the average four years" is much more powerful than saying you have been promoted "quickly". You should quantify your achievements whenever possible. This section is your chance to grab the reader's attention. If there's nothing impressive in it, they will stop reading and just scan the following paragraphs.

So don't miss your opportunity! There are several reasons why I want to pursue a consulting career. To start with, I know I will enjoy being a strategy consultant because I have already worked in a strategy team in the past. Then, I think consulting is a unique opportunity to comprehensively learn about business management by working on a variety of company situations.

Over the past two years, I have started building my business skills while advising clients on financial matters at Big Finance. Finally, I want to work in consulting because I truly enjoy interacting with clients. Throughout my work experiences I have built a successful track record of developing and maintaining relationships with clients including for instance the senior strategy team at Big Grocery Retailer. Once you have convinced your reviewer that you have impressive achievements under your belt they'll be thinking: "Ok, this person is impressive.

Or are they just applying because they're not sure what to do with their life. The third section of your letter should therefore answer the "Why consulting? But here is the thing about this question. There are some reasons to go into consulting that you should tell your reviewer about. And some reasons that you should really keep to yourself. For instance, one of the mistakes candidates commonly make in their cover letter is to write something along the lines of "I'd like spend to 2 or 3 years in consulting to learn more about business in general and then decide what I want to do.

Not employees who will stay for a couple of years. You can watch the video below for more details about this. The best approach for your "Why consulting? The perfect situation is if you have done an internship in consulting or in corporate strategy and have enjoyed it. If that's the case, this is the perfect section to write about it. But even if you haven't done such interships, there are plenty of angles you can use to connect your past experiences to what you will do as a consultant.

For instance:. You should use these experiences to say that "working with clients" or "solving tough problems" is something you KNOW you enjoy doing; and you look forward to spending more time doing this as a consultant. When they read this section, your reviewer should think: "Ok, this person is impressive AND they know what they are getting into.

McKinsey appeals to me for three reasons. To start with, the different people from the company I have met and worked with all told me they had truly enjoyed their time there. By joining McKinsey I therefore think I would have an opportunity to work with and learn from the best consultants in the industry. Finally, the fact that McKinsey was selected by Finance Supercorp to shape its digital strategy also played an important role in my decision to apply.

This was a first-of-its-kind contract in finance and it shows that while at McKinsey I could get the opportunity to work on truly unique projects. If you have managed to convince your reviewer that you have an impressive background and that you really want to be a consultant you stand VERY HIGH chances of getting an interview. Top consulting firms have got a lot in common.

See our full selection of cover letter examples for every career: Best Cover Letter Examples. A McKinsey cover letter is a formal letter proving you understand the McKinsey culture and showing why want this specific job. It should focus on presenting relevant achievements. Your cover letter is going to be one of hundreds. Recruiters need a way of sorting the wheat from the chaff.

The fastest way to do this? For more detailed information on cover letter formatting see our guide: How to Format a Cover Letter for a Resume. You need perfection from the outset. Remember, eye-tracking studies prove the top left of the page is the first thing people look at. So get this first impression right. Need some pointers? Remember, McKinsey is a conservative and traditional company. Use both first name and surname. For more relaxed workplaces just first name will do.

Now you need an opening paragraph to your successful McKinsey cover letter. Before you begin, get yourself in the McKinsey mindset. A king of consulting. You there? You hear that sound? Much better. The competition is brutal. Here the applicant has highly specialized knowledge at a Ph. Here are some ideas. Pro Tip: McKinsey has a global staffing model.

You could highlight prestigious international experience or fluency in foreign languages. Think fluency in Mandarin with a summer internship at Deutsche Bank Shanghai. Or at least give a damn good impression of perfection. Kick it up a notch by showing how you can help McKinsey.

See how:. See what this does? This is top-notch experience. It includes quantifiable results and just like the example says it delivers value to McKinsey. Remember, McKinsey values specialization and moves consultants into specific practices early on. What else does McKinsey need in a candidate? It wants commitment, engagement and focus. Pro Tip: McKinsey loves buzzwords. Their big 3 are structure, credibility, and credentials. Keep them in mind when writing your successful McKinsey cover letter.

This McKinsey cover letter example seals the deal. That mention of specialist knowledge and savings? Just the sort of thing McKinsey wants from its associates. Need more tips for ending your McKinsey cover letter? Those two letters. That junior consultant is guaranteed to keep reading. You know the drill. Pro Tip: How long should a cover letter be? One page, no exceptions. Three paragraphs are best. The first set of eyes to see it will be a junior consultant who has to review tons of cover letters.

Just remember these lessons-learned:. Want more advice on how to craft a perfect McKinsey cover letter? Ask away in the comments below. Applying for a job via email? You need a perfect email cover letter No, copy-pasting your regular cover letter will NOT do.

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Write an Amazing Cover Letter: 3 Golden Rules (Template included)

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What Is a Consulting Cover Letter? The consulting cover letter is a separate document from your resume; it puts the work experience you outline on your resume. When applying for a job as a consultant, your cover letter should include your career history and key accomplishments, as well as providing a glimpse into. One of the unwritten rules of consulting cover letters is that they should not be longer than one page. The trick to achieve this is to only.