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Dear editor in chief cover letter bristol geography dissertations

Dear editor in chief cover letter


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Some writers can also be activists who want more stress to be laid by the newspaper on specific issues. Letters to the editor can also be letters of complaint and criticism. The writer may be finding the content of the newspaper bad or offensive and may, therefore, write a letter to the editor.

At the same time, letters to the editor can also contain positive feedback and praise. You can write about how their newspaper creates influence on the people by their news. If you feel most of the news appearing in the paper is not essential, you can ask them or request them to publish more useful stuff in the paper. In that case, it is better to start writing a letter mentioning how great the newspaper was in the old times and how it has lost its value in recent times. Finally, the point that you want to share should be clear with a positive phrase.

We believe that your newspaper is different from all others because you used to publish more articles about social issues. Still, presently this type of article is missing from your paper. Due to this reason people losing their interest in your newspaper.

As a well-wisher to your newspaper, I am writing this letter. On behalf of the other readers, I thank you for your time. I am Venkat, and ardent and regular reader of your newspaper and have been reading it for nearly the past nine years.

The main reason I am writing this letter is to say that initially, I was very happy with the type of articles you were publishing and your selection of writers and stories. I am writing on behalf of several other readers as well, to urge you to revert to your original culture and tone.

Nowadays, the supplements of your newspaper contain more advertisements for expensive brands and meaningless peddling of foreign goods. You have also started to lay more stress on the glamorous side of town instead of delivering the emphatic and hard-hitting stories you were once famous for. The main reason your newspaper got famous was because of its view of society; you used to publish number of articles related to social issues which were taken care of at that time.

But now, we hardly see one or two items in the newspaper which are related to social problems. We think it is better if you concentrate more on social issues than publishing commercial and useless news in the paper. As I am very fond of your newspaper, I am writing this letter. We, as readers of your newspaper, urge you to refocus your attention on the matters that matter.

I wish to bring to your attention the growing level of corruption among municipal officers. The Municipal Corporation of the city, already infamous its style of working, is now faced with the new problem of growing level of corruption with its official. It has become almost impossible to get any work done without bribing the officers.

Everyone from top to bottom is openly asking for money. Skip to main content. Writing a Manuscript: Cover Letter. Most journals require a cover letter to be submitted with a manuscript Many ask that statements regarding funding, conflicts of interest, or copyright transfer be included in this letter — be sure to comply! Some will ask for a brief overview of your paper — this is your opportunity to summarize your entire manuscript in one or two sentences!

If a journal accepts different types of articles reviews, original articles, images , be sure to state what type of article you are submitting Many journals ask authors to suggest reviewers or even editors for their manuscripts: take advantage of this! If you know experts in the field, especially if they are favorable to your hypotheses or studies, suggest them as reviewers for your manuscript.

This will also likely help speed up the review process.

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If you are not sure of the Editor's name or title, address the letter to “Dear Editor” or “Dear Editor-in-Chief.” Do not use “Dear Sir”: it will not impress any female Editor (or many male Editors either). › Archives. The following is an example of a poor cover letter: Dear Editor-in-Chief, I am sending you our manuscript entitled “Large Scale Analysis of Cell Cycle.