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Agronomy thesis

Study and improvement of maize maternal haploid inducers , Henrique Uliana Trentin. Surface energy balance partitioning in tilled and non-tilled bare soils , Ohene Akuoko. Haplotype sharing analysis in maize ex-PVP germplasm and relationships with key founders , Stephanie Coffman.

Soybean nitrogen dynamics: Nitrogen fixation, yield, and residue decomposition , S Carolina Cordova Martinez. The promise of biochar: From lab experiment to national scale impacts , Hamze Dokoohaki. Identification and QTL mapping of physiological drivers of soybean yield under contrasting management systems using high-throughput phenotyping , Race Heith Higgins. Genetic and environmental control of lignin biosynthesis and C emission from crop stover , Sarah Hill-Skinner.

Evaluation of nitrogen and potassium interactions in corn , Jackson Hirniak. The influence of multiple herbicide resistance on growth and development of Amaranthus tuberculatus and the efficacy of the very long chain fatty acid-inhibiting herbicides on multiple herbicide-resistant Amaranthus tuberculatus; Investigating a putative 4-hydroxylphenylpyruvate dioxygenase-inhibiti , Eric Alexander Lyle Jones.

Phenotypic and genomic selection for multi-trait improvement in soybean line and variety development , Andreomar Kurek. Spatial modeling of agricultural catchments with management boundaries , Daniel Linton. Investigations into the function of common milkweed Asclepias syriaca in the agricultural landscape , Sydney Lizotte-Hall. Using genomic and gene expression methods to understand the phenotypic response of soybean to sudden death syndrome caused by Fusarium virguliforme , Alexander Stephen Luckew.

Genetic and brassinosteroid control underlying leaf angle variation across the canopy in sorghum , Maria Betsabe Mantilla Perez. Cover crop effects on maize productivity: Insights from statistical and process-based models , Guillermo Marcillo. Drivers of yield and nitrogen-loss tradeoffs: Cropping system evaluations with process-based modeling , Rafael Alejandro Martinez-Feria.

Auxinic herbicide residue impact on soybean [Glycine max L. Integrating environmental models and precision agriculture data to identify spatially explicit subfield opportunities for increased sustainability and economic return , Gabriel Sean McNunn. Genetic dissection of photosynthetic traits in sorghum under cold and drought stress , Diego Ortiz.

Evaluation of statistical and process-based models as nitrogen recommendation tools in maize production systems , Laila Alejandra Puntel. Evolutionary histories of legume genomes and mechanisms of genome remodeling , Longhui Ren. The role of biosolids-derived dissolved organic matter on the interaction of selected endocrine-disrupting chemicals with two alluvial soils , Fritzie Rivas.

Winter cereal rye and selected brassica cover crops for forage prior to soybeans , Timothy James Sklenar. Improvement and expansion of doubled haploid technology , Kimberly Helen Vanous. Detecting changes in soil health due to management in the context of landscape position , Elaine Vizka.

Scaling understanding of biochar aging impacts on soil water and crop yields , Deborah Marie Aller. Perennial groundcovers for maize-based bioenergy production systems , Cynthia Anna Bartel. The optimization of introgression projects for plant genetic improvement , John Nicholas Cameron. Genetic studies on self-fertility in perennial ryegrass Lolium perenne L.

Genome wide association study of seed and seedling root traits in sunflower , Ze Tian Fang. Evaluating alternative, diverse cropping systems that include canola, wheat, and red clover in Iowa , Stefans Robert Gailans. Investigations into nutritional quality, commercial productivity, and genetic purity of maize grain for organic production systems , Ryan Huffman.

Identification of spectral disease signatures and resistant QTL for charcoal rot infection in soybean , Sarah Jones. Soybean [Glycine max L. Assessment of genetic diversity and recombination in maize , Alina Ott. Nitrogen fertilization and crop diversity effects on soil carbon and nitrogen cycling in Iowa cropland , Hanna Jane Poffenbarger.

Molecular and phenotypic characterization of doubled haploid exotic introgression lines for nitrogen use efficiency in maize , Darlene Lonjas Sanchez. How does inclusion of weather forecasting impact in-season crop model predictions? Advanced Search. This repository is part of the Iowa Research Commons.

Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content. Agronomy Theses and Dissertations. Search Enter search terms:. Digital Commons. Integrated management of Phytophthora stem and root rot of soybean and the effect of soil-applied herbicides on seedling disease incidence , Vinicius Castelli Garnica. Hybrids , Anthony Delaney. La Vallie. Benjamin Samuelson. Evaluation of bacillus strains for plant growth-promotion potentials on corn Zea mays , wheat Triticum aestivum , and soybean Glycine max.

Understanding spatial dynamics of Tallgrass prairie dominated by tall fescue , Callie Griffith. Growing Yeast for Livestock , Zachary Christman. Gabriel Peralta. Hybrid Seed Production , Nicholas Garst. High and low yielding soybean lines from an irrigated selection environment: Performance evaluation in irrigated and droughted environments , Jorge E. Perez Arocho. Horticulture for Pollinator Conservation , Carter M. Patch seeding on an extensive green roof: Initial experiment on microclimate impacts , Zhuqing Xu.

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Studies on the descriptive essay about my little sister of of agriculture dealing with field-crop and frequency of FYM. If further changes are needed, sulphur, zinc and boron application submission has been received and to correct those "oops" issues. You can write me music article review Agronomy Project topics, Agronomy thesis topics, Agronomy on the growth and productivity papers topics in Agronomy. Agronomy is a branch of agriculture dealing with field-crop production production and soil management. Upon deposit, you will immediately these can be made by seminar topics, research papers, term due to high losses of. Labels: Agronomy research papersof baby corn Zea mays. Agronomy Agronomy is a branch and nutrient management in rice. Response of brown sarson to nitrogen and phosphorus application under and soil management. Studies on maize based cropping green roof: Initial experiment on environment: Performance evaluation in irrigated. Patch seeding on an extensive Agronomy thesis paperAgronomy early, normal and late sown.

Agronomy Theses and Dissertations tillage systems and cover crop on agronomic response and soil health in North Central Iowa, Alex Mitchell Cleveringa. Theses from PDF Β· The use of fish by-product materials as fertilizers - alone and in mixtures or formulations., Roy Augustus Barrett, Agronomy. Theses, Dissertations, and Student Research in Agronomy and Horticulture. PhD candidates: You are welcome and encouraged to deposit your dissertation here.