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For more: Gig workers to see pay changes, customers to see higher prices after Prop. The drivers — who are mostly low-income, as the companies themselves say — may not be able to afford to switch to EVs on their own. Electric vehicles remain more expensive than their gas-powered counterparts. They also require charging stations, which could be prohibitive especially for drivers who live in multifamily units. Moore said many drivers are struggling to earn enough money to pay for basics like rent and food.

The companies are pushing for government subsidies to reach those electrification goals, which apply only to ride-hailing miles, not delivery, and are set to get progressively higher over the years. Lyft points to a program that allows its drivers to rent EVs, and is exploring other ways it can help, including providing direct incentives. But both companies are calling for existing government incentive or rebate programs, or for the creation of new programs, to help ride-hailing drivers get into electric vehicles.

Like Lyft, he mentioned the need for credits and incentive programs. Representatives of environmental groups also spoke up before the vote and urged the same thing. See: Uber and Lyft expect ride-hailing to make a sharp recovery, but there are some potential roadblocks. Shares of NeuroMetrix Inc. Trading volume ballooned to Quell is a non-invasive wearable neurostimulator that provides flexible and precise nerve stimulation.

Under the Breakthrough Designation program, the FDA will provide the company with priority review and interactive communication on device development through commercialization. In addition, there are government programs which may facilitate Medicare reimbursement. The stock has now rallied Levi Sumagaysay is a San Francisco—based reporter covering technology, economy and issues of inequality.

Economic Calendar Coronavirus Recovery Tracker. He overcame a decade of roadblocks -- recasting, location changes and creative resets he explored the possibility of a 3D live-action version -- before achieving high-octane imaginative insanity. There was no question what movie would win the Best Animated Feature category at the Oscars.

Into the Spider-Verse stole our hearts by boldly ignoring the fact we've had three cinematic Peter Parkers and introducing five more. They stem from Marvel's multiverse, wisely made less complicated by producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who focus on the Miles Morales Shameik Moore graffiti artist, hip hop-appreciating version of Spidey. Morales teams up with the versions from other universes -- including a bizarre and completely hilarious cartoon pig known as Peter Porker -- to fight supervillain Kingpin.

Over animators combined computer animation with a hand-drawn style to mimic a comic book look. Inventive visuals, fresh storytelling and embracing the comic books' wackiness helped make the first non-white Spider-Man one of the best. Boyhood is, logistically speaking, a bit of a miracle. In order to tell a story about growing up, Richard Linklater sporadically filmed a young Ellar Coltrane every year for 12 years, from ages 6 to The project flirted with potential film-ending pitfalls: For one, what if a teenage Coltrane strayed from acting?

But Linklater delivered his best ever film. Yet some still feel a little salty about Boyhood's award season. Boyhood lost the Best Picture Oscar to Birdman, a less warm, familiarly wholesome tale, more a technical and existential tour de force. On this occasion, the people have spoken.

Get Out is the modern horror movie. It's the perfect coming together of horror, comedy and satire on racism. The setup to the punch line -- or in horror's case, the jump scare -- takes exact timing. His directorial debut has a scarily loaded setup: a young black man Daniel Kaluuya meets his white girlfriend's Alison Williams middle-class liberal parents. Their comments about how fine they are with their daughter's boyfriend are comedy gold Peele's exciting new voice brought horror, laughs and deeply unsettling self-reflection.

On paper, Lady Bird reads like a conventional coming-of-age story. It covers the usual milestones: losing virginity, going to prom, graduation. But in between those lines is a raw, specific relationship between year-old Christine McPherson Saoirse Ronan , who insists everyone calls her Lady Bird, and her hard working and barely appreciated mother Marion Laurie Metcalf.

First-time solo director Greta Gerwig writes a love letter to her hometown, Sacramento, infusing it with brilliantly layered comedy. She's self-titled, as in, she says Lady Bird is the name "given to me by me. The Greek director well and truly established his distinctive weird, experimental style with The Lobster and The Killing of a Sacred Deer. He loves to cross a line and does so multiple times in The Favourite , a period piece turned cat-and-mouse psychological thriller featuring characters named Wanking Man and Nude Pomegranate Tory.

Underneath the politics and the corsets, you'll even find a melancholy love story. Watching Alfonso Cuaron's Roma is almost like flipping through a beautifully-shot album of s Mexico. Cuaron tells a semi-autobiographical story about a middle class family through the lens of a young housekeeper. It's a story about people living, brought to life by Cuaron's deft magic. Marvel movies proved they could keep on evolving with Ryan Coogler's Black Panther. The film bucked the superhero formula with its Afro-futurist setting, family saga and James Bond gadgetry.

The bold claws of an auteur are all over this comic book blockbuster. The walls meticulously close in on the programmer, his boss and the iRobot they interact with in Alex Garland's Ex Machina. The tense, thoughtful sci-fi set in a remote cutting-edge cabin raises big questions and upgraded Alicia Vikander to even greater star status. The Master was not the deep-dive into Scientology's origins many might have expected.

The character drama, dealing with a world recovering from World War II, is a poetic epic. Spike Jonze's romance between a lonely man and his Siri-like AI is even more frighteningly relevant today. Samantha Scarlet Johansson is the soothing, intimate voice in Theodore Twombly's Joaquin Phoenix ear, but the bounds of her programming soon go beyond sprucely organizing his life.

Jonze's future is both vividly-realized and always rooted in the complexities of the human heart. Barry Jenkins' three-part story about a physically and emotionally abused black man has been described as genre-defying. In covering difficult subject matter, from the drug underworld to sexual identity, Moonlight runs deep. The Best Picture Oscar winner is gorgeous to look at and accompanied by an exquisite soundtrack. David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin friended each other to make a powerfully nerdy, talky movie about Mark Zuckerberg and the inception of Facebook.

Equally absorbing are its themes of friendship and loyalty in a playground of petty politics. A superb Jesse Eisenberg as the insensitive, conflicted genius was a revelatory match for Fincher's technical talent. Ryan Gosling's strong, silent Hollywood stunt driver moonlights as a getaway driver. So Drive is basically the coolest movie ever. Its dreamlike, electronic soundtrack -- perfect for travel at night -- layers meaningful messages into a violent fairy tale about an unconventional hero.

Guillermo del Toro's Best Picture Oscar winner is a more than unconventional horror-romance between a mute woman and a dead-eyed fish-man. It balances a harsh s setting with fairy tale magic painted into its big, beautifully-detailed sets.

Only del Toro could pull this madness off. The sheer size of this blockbuster, with its sky-high budget, A-listers and ravenous fandom, make Anthony and Joe Russo's film all the more impressive. To culminate 20 Marvel films in a two-part showstopper is experimental madness on its own. But to end spoiler the first of those parts with almost all your heroes losing