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Compare and contrast paper example apa how to write your abc pretty

Compare and contrast paper example apa


Another good idea for brainstorming in preparation for your comparison contrast essay is to create a list with 2 columns, one for each subject, and compare the same characteristics for each of them simultaneously. This format will make writing your comparison contrast paper argument a breeze, as you will have your ideas ready and organized.

One mistake you should avoid is simply listing all of the differences or similarities for each subject. Sometimes students get too caught up in looking for similarities and differences that their compare and contrast essays end up sounding like grocery lists. Your essay should be based on analyzing the similarities and differences, analyzing your conclusions about the two subjects, and finding connections between them—while following a specific format.

Got stuck while writing your paper? Leave it to professionals of our custom dissertation writing service. Compare and contrast papers rely heavily on factual analysis. Two outline methods can help you organize your facts: use the block method, or point-by-point method, to write a compare and contrast essay outline.

While using the block structure , all the information is presented for the first subject, and its characteristics and specific details are explained. This concludes one block. The second block takes the same approach as the first for the second subject. The point-by-point structure lists each similarity and difference simultaneously—making notes of both subjects. For example, you can list a characteristic specific to one subject, followed by its similarity or difference to the other subject.

Both formats have their pros and cons. The block method is clearly easier to write, as you simply point out all of the information about the two subjects, and basically leave it to the reader to do the comparison. The point-by-point format requires you to analyze the points yourself while making similarities and differences more explicit to the reader for them to be easier to understand. Here is a detailed structure of each type presented below. Giving a lot of facts can be intense.

To water it down, try to give the reader any real-life applications of these facts. Depending on the structure selected, you can begin to create an outline for your essay. The typical structure for any essay follows the format of having an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion — though, if you need to focus on each subject in more detailed ways, feel free to include an extra paragraph to cover all of the most important points.

To make your compare and contrast essay flow better, we recommend using special transition words and phrases. They will add variety and improve your paper overall. For the section where you compare two subjects, you can include any of the following words: similarly, likewise, also, both, just like, similar to, the same as, alike, or to compare to. When contrasting two subjects, use: in contrast, in comparison, by comparison, on the other hand, while, whereas, but, to differ from, dissimilar to, or unlike.

Arguments for any essay, including compare and contrast essays, need to be supported by sufficient evidence. Make good use of your personal experiences, books, scholarly articles, magazine and newspaper articles, movies, or anything that will make your argument sound credible. For example, in your essay, if you were to compare attending college on campus vs.

You could also talk about your experience taking online classes, which makes your argument about online classes credible as well. The biggest tip we can give you is to have the right attitude when writing a compare and contrast essay, and actively engage the reader in the discussion.

If you find it interesting, so will your reader! Here are some more compare and contrast essay tips that will help you to polish yours up:. Still feeling confused about the complexities of the compare and contrast essay? Feel free to contact our " write my essay " service to get a professional writing help. Click here to see how our academic service helps college students all around the world with various types of assignments!

We have tested thousands of candidates to present you with the best writers available. Click here to meet them! Learn the simple process of getting yourself a well-written custom essay! Visit EssayPro for a step-by-step guide! Our Team How to Order. Log In Sign Up. Looking to steal a topic from us? Here are great compare and contrast essay topics for your help. Proceed To Order. Topic 1 - Motorcycles Argument: Motorcycles are smaller and more comfortable to store. Argument: Motorcycles are easy to learn and use.

Topic 2 - Cars Argument: Cars are a big deal—they are like a second home. Argument: It takes time to learn to become a good driver. Argument: Fewer parts that are more accessible to fix. Topic 2 - Cars Argument: Parts and service are expensive if something breaks. Argument: Cars need more gas than motorcycles. Topic sentence: Cars are a better option for bigger cities with wider roads.

Topic 1 - Motorcycles Argument: Riding motorcycles in a big city is more dangerous than with cars. Argument: Motorcycles work great in a city like Rome, where all the streets are narrow. Topic 2 - Cars Argument: Big cities are easier and more comfortable to navigate by car.

Argument: With a car, traveling outside of the city is much easier. Need a Compare and Contrast Essay Written? Give us your requirements and get your paper on time. Topic Sentence: Motorcycles are cheaper and easier to take care of than cars. Aspect 1 - Lifestyle Argument: Motorcycles are smaller and more comfortable to store.

Argument: Fewer parts, easier to fix. Aspect 3 - City Argument: Riding motorcycles in a big city is more dangerous than cars. Topic sentence: Cars are more expensive but more comfortable for a big city and for travelling. Aspect 1 - Lifestyle Argument: Cars are a big deal—like a second home. Aspect 2 - Finances Argument: Parts and service are expensive if something breaks.

Aspect 3 - City Argument: Big cities are easier and more comfortable to navigate by car. Your first paragraph is the introduction, while the last paragraph is your conclusion. The middle three paragraphs serve as the body of your essay, in which you will write about the similarities and differences of your subject. Additionally, APA style dictates that you must also include a title page, abstract and reference page.

Before you begin writing the bulk of your paper, start with some brainstorming, write an outline and obtain reliable resources. For example, if you are asked to compare and contrast the works of William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, find three or four elements in their poetry collections that you can use to draw comparisons. You can also use biographies or critiques as resources. You might find more than three or four comparisons, so write down the strongest ones, as each one will make up a body paragraph in your paper.

From those connections, write a thesis that expresses your discovery about the things you compare and contrast. The thesis is very important because everything you write in your paper must refer back to this main idea. Write an outline for your essay, making notes about which references you use in each section. Follow your outline when you write your essay.

You might find it easier to write the body paragraphs before completing your introduction and conclusion. Per APA style, you must give equal attention to each side. Your introduction will end with your thesis, while your conclusion will begin with the thesis and end with any closing remarks about the deductions you made in your paper.

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Quick steps to writing a compelling critical analysis essay. Our writers are available and if we are not able to deliver your apa or meet. Like every essay compare and contrast essay templates include an introduction body and conclusion. However the body needs to be focused in a specific way since you are comparing and contrasting two different topics. Apa format compare and contrast essay ann english graduate. The apa style originated in a article published in psychological bulletin that laid out the basic guidelines oct 02 sample apa research paper about depression sep 09 here is an apa format essay example on the role of education in the modern world.

Get 20 discount on your first order. Apa mla harvard chicago asa ieee ama. The structure of a compare or contrast essay in a compare contrast essay students have to compare two objects problems or events and evaluate their similarities and differences.

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The compare and contrast writing prompt requires you to compare two things that are similar yet different. By the end of the paper, you must. For example, you would have a difficult time writing an essay comparing and contrasting your favorite television program with a popular vacation spot in your. Comparing and contrasting is an important skill in academic writing. It involves taking two or more subjects and analyzing the differences.