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Our writing correction service is very popular for many reasons. Some students want us to correct their CV or Good action words use resume, others an application letters for an important job or interview. Many students need to improve their writing skills to pass their exams, whereas other just want to improve their written English for general purposes. Whatever your reason, if you have an advanced level of English, we recommend you answer a selection of the following essay titles, and send them to us for correction. We correct your essays, giving you valuable feedback on your mistakes, and advice on how to improve your written expression in English. Find out more about our writing correction service here

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Popular content editor services usa

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Did they do a good job? Did they miss certain grammar rules? Then, check out my free Editor Test and start finding out if an editor is worth the price they are asking, and how they compare to others! The truth about grammar is that there are LOTS of different nuances and even varying rules. No worries. You may have to try several before finding the right one to help make your book better.

A place you can post your job and hire freelance editors. With nearly 60, editors on the site, however, it can be a daunting project to find the right editor. To narrow down the candidates, you could make a detailed project description with required skills, language competency, and portfolio requirements.

This should help eliminate unqualified editors. At first, I didn't want to add Fiverr to this list because there are a LOT of editors on Fiverr that aren't exactly a good investment. But, that doesn't mean there aren't amazing opportunities out there. Caitlin Pyle wrote a guest post for us about proofreading.

She also shared a list of students who've passed her intense general proofreading course, which included a final exam. If you're looking for someone to help you with that final polish, check out this list of proofreaders.

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to proofread someone else's writing? Check out this article about how to become a proofreader. These professional organizations have searchable directories of their members and some allow you to add a job post for free.

Finally, there is one last piece of advice that could help you find a good editor and avoid bad service. Some sites compile complaints from writers of bad or fraudulent service and post the list of people and businesses to warn other writers. While proofreading software can never replace a human book editor, there are several tools and grammar checkers that can help supplement hiring an editor.

Instead, you can make the right choice from the beginning so as to find that winning team without having to waste oodles of dollars. Also, to ensure you have the right editor who is worth the price they are asking for, make sure to download my free Editor Test and compare them with others in the market. This will help take the guesswork out of it and allow you to build the right team around YOUR writing.

You can either choose from our list of professional book editors above or find new ones out there and test them with our free book editing test. Picking the right editor for your book can be hard. When you go to hire an editor, have them take this test sample article.

Then look at our answer key and see which editor scored the best. That way you know their level of quality. This is a question and not a comment. I started writing a few books ten or more years back but stalled with other things on my plate. The story is a hypothetical on just how far the USA would go in defending a staunch ally when put to the test. The story line is Islamist throwing down the trump card at the time of Rendition and a wayward arm of the intelligence.

There is no bias to one side over the other. Word count would be about , Join , other authors who receive weekly emails from us to help them make more money selling books. By Dave Chesson. Last updated on July 19th, Types of Book Editing Services. Some online book editors provide all levels of editing, while others specialize in one or two.

More on the Types of Editors. Developmental editors may assess a book idea, outline, or early draft to tell authors what works and what could be better. The big picture questions need to be answered first before an editor ensures your words are polished and used correctly. Line editing may also be called substantive or stylistic — goes through each line refining the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences and smooth-transitioning paragraphs.

Learn more about line editors. Copyediting — corrects grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Copyediting also includes correcting commonly confused words e. Learn more about copy editors. Important note: Sometimes Copyediting and Line Editing are the same thing…just depends on that editor's interpretation.

Proofreading — a final check before publication to find missed typos, missing words, repeated words, spacing and formatting consistency. Proofreading should be the very last level of editing. We have a comprehensive post on proofreading marks as well.

That made my head spin. More on How to Edit a Book. List of Book Editors:. Speaking of book editing services, let's talk about some of the best Editors out there! So, if you have any questions, check them out:. Ebook Launch. Cambridge Proofreading and Editing. Book Editing Associates.

Author Packages. Click here to see it in action. What to Look for in an Editor. There are several things to consider when choosing book editors:. Recommendations — Is this person recommended by someone you know or other writers who have worked with her? Does she have any references you can contact?

Specialty — Do you want a copy editor who will strictly follow the rules in the Chicago Manual of Style? Do you want someone whose specialty is line editing and can write smooth, clear, and creative sentences? Or do you want someone to look at the overall structure or plot of your book?

Choosing an editor within your genre is especially important for developmental editing. Language — Many freelance online editors work internationally. One thing to look for in an editor is someone who speaks the desired language of your book as a first language. Grammar rules and spelling are different in American English and British English, for example.

Sample — Most editors will do a sample edit for free or a small fee. Send a few editors the same sample of your book and see how they come back. Every editor edits differently. This will be a chance to find out if they can make your book better, keep your voice, and work well with you. Rates — Most online book editors are freelance editors, which means they set their own rates.

Editors may charge per word, hour, or project. Editing is a valuable investment in your book as a good editor can turn your story from meh to amazing! Software and Systems — Some of us writers like using certain types of writing tools or software. I personally love to write my books using Scrivener , and will then switch to Google docs for better tracking systems. However, I've run into editors who only use Word document.

That's no bueno for me. So, make sure they are good with whatever writing programs you want to use. More importantly, how did they do compared to another editor? Think something like that would be useful? Compare editors Ensure they're worth the price Don't get scammed! Download the Test Now!

The grammar rules follow American English, which differs from British English. It tests grammar, punctuation, and spelling things mostly at copyediting and proofreading level of editing. Even though the writing may benefit from heavier line editing, that is not part of this editing assessment. Grammar rules and recommendations vary by style guide.

The preferred style guide for this article is the Chicago Manual of Style, a common style guide for book authors. Dictionaries also disagree sometimes. Check It Out. Here are a few other methods you can use to the find an editor who fits your writing style:. Word of mouth. Friends Authors in your genre Social media groups for writers e. Look at the books of authors you respect and see if their editors are listed on the sales page.

However, you still need to protect your credibility as an author. Likewise, you don't want to pay to fix expensive errors readers catch after you're published. Thus, you need a professional editor to proofread your final, laid-out PDF. Compare Our Services Book Proofreading vs. Copyediting vs.

Line Editing vs. We see editing as a collaboration between author and editor. So our editors not only offer corrections and suggestions but also explain the reasoning behind their edits. That depends on what kind of editing you want: copyediting , line editing , developmental editing , or proofreading.

Basically, the more intensive the editing, the more time an editor spends, so the greater the cost. All our editing services and packages have easy and transparent pricing. For more information, call us. Usually, the cost to hire an editor varies widely.

We take the guesswork out of the entire process. Finally, our prices are easy and transparent, so you know up front how much a service will cost. Editors do many things. They correct misspelled words and revise grammatical slips. In addition, they point out opportunities to strengthen a character, plot, or argument. Whether it's a developmental edit of a draft or a proofread of a PDF, your editor will take your work to the next level.

You'll need a copy of MS Word so you can accept or reject those edits and see exactly what changes your editor made. Our team of award-winning editors have worked for traditional publishers, and some are published authors themselves. In addition, we've worked with a variety of self-publishing services over many years.

Our multistep quality-check process ensures accuracy. Rest assured that every one of our experienced professional editors offers world-class book editing services. Manuscript editing is crucial in today's competitive publication market. Professionally edited manuscripts attract more readers, receive better reviews, and sell more copies. We highly recommend our authors going through numerous rounds of editing in order to ensure the manuscript is as clean and well written as possible.

Most traditionally published books are edited times before publication, so we have rolled out some editorial packages to encompass numerous rounds of editing at a discount to our authors. Home Book Editing Services. Get affordable book editing services that turn your rough draft into polished prose.

Professional editing by Elite Authors takes your book from basic to bestseller. Manuscript editing services Our manuscript editing services range from proofreading to developmental editing. I received my edited manuscript with a quick turnaround and precise, thoughtful edits. My editor recommended many important text amendments to me, and the edits were of an extremely high standard. I hope to work with the same editor on my next book. Get a free no-obligation quote on professional editing services.

Choose the Editing Services You Need. Affordable book editing services We offer several levels of book editing services to fit different budgets and different goals.

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US Based Writers. Quick Turnaround. Creative, Original Content. SEO Friendly. Our editors will edit your book or academic paper to perfection. Free sample. Top Content Editing Services Providers. Choose the right Content Editing Services Providers using real-time, up-to-date product reviews from verified.