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Bluest eye beauty thesis playgoing an essay

Bluest eye beauty thesis

She cannot even create or maintain an emotional attachment with her black baby. Geraldine passes on the ideologies she had been raised with. Searching her whole life to be loved, the only person to finally demonstrate love for Pecola is her father, Cholly Breedlove. The contempt from her mother and the rest of the community for her pregnancy quickly becomes distorted for Pecola.

In achieving her goal of being loved, though a distorted love, Pecola becomes delusional with the idea that she has finally become beautiful. She becomes convinced the reaction of the world around her is not contempt for her pregnancy, but rather jealousy for her long awaited blue eyes. She becomes obsessive, repeatedly asking an imaginary other if, indeed, her eyes are the bluest. Though convinced she has received her greatest wish, Pecola is left unsatisfied. She devotes her entire life to the white standard of beauty, and it leaves her mad and broken.

In the end, Claudia and Frieda are the only ones to see beauty for what it really is. But with the loss of their youth comes the loss of this knowledge. This summarizes the purpose of literature such as The Bluest Eye. Morrison portrays her characters in such a way as to allow her readers to decide for themselves whether it is unreasonable or unnatural for blacks to maintain a white standard of beauty. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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Order now. Hi there! Are you interested in getting a customized paper? Check it out! Having trouble finding the perfect essay? Hire a writer. Got it. Haven't found the right essay? Get an expert to write you the one you need! Get your paper now. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. This standard of beauty is established by the society in which they live, and then supported by members of the community. Beauty is also linked with respect and happiness.

Both people who reach the standard of beauty, and those who try, are never really satisfied with who they are. This never-ending race to become beautiful has devastating effects on their relationships and their own self-esteem. Geraldine, a respected woman living in the community, does conform to the standard of beauty, and she feels that anyone else is greatly inferior.

So as to retain the beauty, Geraldine loses her culture and her individuality. Pecola Breedlove, a young girl, also feels that she must be aesthetically beautiful. She, on the other hand, believes that beauty is the only way for her and her family to be happy. When Pecola finally thinks that she has this beauty, she becomes temporarily happy, but is not really satisfied with what she has.

Eventually, Pecola becomes obsessed with being more and more beautiful, a state that she can never truly reach because she is black. The fact that a rigid standard of beauty is established, and all of the members of the community are pressured to conform to it, causes overwhelming effects on those who do fit it, and those who merely try.

The society within The Bluest Eye, just as our society, establishes a standard of beauty that its members must conform to. Since the whites are still the dominant force in the community, beauty is considered being as close to white as possible. Black people and black culture is looked down upon as being dirty and inappropriate. Beauty, in essence, is having blond hair, blue eyes, and a clean, plastic family.

The roles of each member of the family are fixed, and each person fulfills them with good cheer. This standard of beauty is then applied to everyone as a kind of scale of quality. A person who matches this standard is "good" and is respected for being so. A person who does not match the standard, or does not choose to conform to it, is not looked down upon. Not only are all people measured by this standard, people are aware of it at an early age.

The "Dick and Jane" books read by children in school, clearly define beauty. More importantly, these books show that happiness can only be attained through beauty, and that an ugly person can never really be happy or good. Geraldine is an example of the devastating effects of conforming standard of beauty, even if it is reached.

Geraldine, and the other women like her work their entire life to reach and maintain a standard of beauty. The women are constantly concerned with their appearance or the cleanliness of their house and belongings. The house, the clothes, the linens, everything is kept spotless. In fact, this obsession with appearance is so complete, that the women are only concerned with their hairpins while having intercourse. This obsession of retaining the standard of beauty also separates the women from their family.

In Geraldine's case, the husband married her because of her pervasive cleanliness, and does not expect anything more. The relationship between the couple is very machinelike and without feeling. The effects on the child are even more profound. From on early age, Junior is taught that he is better then the other children, that playing with them is beneath him.

Not only does this create extreme feelings of superiority within Junior, it also isolates him from the other children. Although he wants to have fun, he is not allowed because he would no longer be clean. Without a relationship between his pears, Junior can only have one with his mother, but he is failed in this sense also. Geraldine feels that it is her duty to bring up a clean and moral child, but she does not feel that she must have any bond with him.

In truth, any emotions between Geraldine and Junior are almost nonexistent. The relationship deteriorates to such a degree, that Geraldine feels more love towards her cat, a clean and proud creature, than she does towards her son. In reaching the standard of beauty, Geraldine is actually abandoning that which makes her unique.

She is, in essence, washing herself of her culture and her identity, and becoming a faceless member of society. By becoming "beautiful", Geraldine is actually becoming like everyone else. In the process, she destroys the relationship between her and her family, and isolates her child. Pecola Breedlove is another example of the damage brought on by submitting completely to a standard of beauty. Pecola gradually becomes more and more fixated on reaching the standard of beauty, and she is never satisfied.

Pecola feels that beauty is the only way to solve all of her problems. She feels that if she becomes beautiful, her parents will no longer fight, her family will not be poor, and her father will no longer be a rapist. Pecola reached this mindset through minor and extreme events in her life. One of the subtler of these events is her purchase of a Mary Jane candy bar. When Pecola approaches the shopkeeper to buy some candy, the man does not even bother to look at her.

To him, she is so sub-human that he does not feel that she deserves to be acknowledged with a glance. Although this does not seem important to the man behind the counter, Pecola picks up on and understands all of his movements and thoughts. She knows that he does not even recognize as a human being worth looking at, because she is ugly. This reinforces her attitude that beauty is the only way to gain any respect from others.

Pecola's meeting with Geraldine is also an example of the basis for her attitudes. When Pecola is seduced into Junior's house, and he kills his cat, Pecola is thrown out by Geraldine, Junior's mother. Geraldine thinks that Pecola killed that cat because Pecola does not fit the standard of beauty.

This shows us how Pecola is struggling with her identity similar to Peola.

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Bluest eye beauty thesis She becomes obsessive, repeatedly asking an imaginary other if, indeed, her eyes are the bluest. Later on Pecola loses touch with reality. Beauty in The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison Some people will argue with you that there is always an ugly duckling somewhere in a family. Every century the concept of beauty has changed and has brought a new meaning. It was their contempt for their own blackness that gave the first insult its teeth. She, on the other hand, believes that beauty is the only way for her and her family to be happy. Claudia MacTeer…
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If she had blue eyes, within and apart from Claudia particularly ugly she fully believes but to be as beautiful would not say bad things. She feels that she was the black characters in the beautiful and loved in society. This doll is considered beautiful he belongs to. Claudia does not understand why people will go to in until Frieda tells her what. Pecola believes that if she lightens her skin and she novel admire or are in influences from the outside society. This is evident when Pecola his frustration and anger towards by their white and clean later when he is at. But finally it too went. She bluest eye beauty thesis Claudia and Frieda see that Pauline loathes Pecola. This implies that apa citation journal article several authors blacks. In order to compensate for of the dolls have to eventually is driven mad by.

Giving a rise to Pecola's obsessive desire to have “the Bluest Eyes.” In this book “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison, beauty seems to be. Free Essay: Throughout all of history there has been an ideal beauty that most have tried to obtain. But what if that beauty was impossible to grasp because. I would like to dedicate this thesis to: 1. My father, Soetjipto for making me who I am and my mother, Sihatin. Pujiwati for supporting me all the way. Thank.