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A reading of texts embodying the oldest myths of Western culture: the Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid, and Metamorphosis. Works are considered both in their historical context and from the perspective of recent thought. Examines black literary and performance culture from the 18th century to the present. Students explore the self-making and resistance of black authors and activists through literary culture.

Discussions focus on the intersections of identity formation race, gender, sexuality, class to enhance an understanding of the broader tradition of American letters and black culture. Readings explore postcolonial and other contemporary global literary representations of animals and the environment, specifically their engagement with narratives of colonization and development, human-centeredness, and the posthuman.

Students will consider how these representations invite readers to re-think hierarchical and human-centered visions of our world. Examines how literature is shaped by intersections of the local and the global in examples drawn from five regions: North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Short stories by important U.

As the sequence of stories unfolds, the development of American issues unfolds as well. Students read about South Asians dislocated from their homeland, focusing on issues of cultural displacement, alienation, assimilation, and construction as they follow narratives of South Asians who attempt to preserve the traces of their ethnic, cultural, and religious identities.

Naipaul, and Amitav Ghosh, among others. Readings include literature by 21st century writers of African descent living around the globe, with special focus on the Black Atlantic region. An introduction to literary study for current and prospective literature majors. Readings are divided among three areas: primary texts, secondary texts that offer contexts for the primary texts, and works that define the study of literature.

Each course section addresses its own topic. Readings illustrate the range of issues, styles, and contexts in the Bible, including Genesis and Exodus, Deuteronomic Histories, prophets major and minor, Job and Ecclesiastes, the Gospels, and Apocalypse. This is not a course in religion, but in a literary and cultural tradition deeply concerned with human action in relation to divinity.

Students consider the connections between writing and colonialism, nation building, and the resistance of these powerful narratives in, for example, the few written words of the indigenous populations and the enslaved. An examination of literature written in the U. Careful attention is paid to the context of western expansion, slavery and its legacy, industrialization, immigration, and other historical developments.

This course substantially engages Greek and Roman mythology as well as myths from many time periods and cultures biblical, South Asian, Native American, contemporary, and more. Theoretical approaches are also considered. An exploration of how British writers have responded to the social, historical, and intellectual ferment of the 20th century.

Authors studied may include as T. Eliot, W. Auden, Samuel Beckett, V. Naipaul, and Muriel Spark. What meaning is carried through these literary and cinematic texts? How do genre, point of view, language, medium, etc. A survey of British literature from Beowulf to Paradise Lost , with a particular focus on the history of literary form and the birth of a vernacular tradition in English.

Study the formal aspects of this literature as well as its thematic content, paying close attention to its use in works by women and people of color. Topics include speculation, testimony, and archival work among others.

The relationship between the developments of urban modernity and aesthetic modernism is charted through the first half of the 20th century in three major metropolitan centers: Paris, London, and New York. The focus is on British and American modernist poetry and novels.

A study of the cultural, literary, and natural history of birds. Students read poems and essays, study ornithology texts and field guides, and occasionally go into the field to look at birds. Owning a pair of binoculars would be helpful. Beginning as a response to the immigrant experience, writing by American Jews emerged as a central literary presence and the inspiration for important films. A writing-intensive course in which students study the poetry of queer-identified writers through the lenses of sexuality, culture, identity, history, and poetic technique.

Examines literary dystopian visions from H. Topics include terror, isolation and alienation, fragility, silence, nostalgia, and the human capacity for recovery and resilience. Examines the intertwined histories of race and the American police state, with a specific focus on the relationship between US policing practices and crime fiction. Students read literature by Poe, Doyle, Hammett, Christie, Wright, Himes, and others, as well as histories and theoretical texts about race, policing, and the different types of crime fiction detective fiction, police procedurals, mysteries, etc.

Considers the intersections of sexual difference and cinema. Representations of sexual difference in films by selected male directors are studied as a means of examining the institution s of cinematic expression. The bulk of the course is devoted to studying women directors as they attempt to work within and against that institution.

An investigation of the formation of the literary canon and the women who were written out of it. Students become familiar with the novel form as well as genres such as amatory fiction and the Jacobin novel, and read a selection of the most influential women writers of the long eighteenth century.

The particular focus is on the sentence—for example, sentences by such writers as Henry James, Melville, Anne Carson, and others. Is there a theory of prose that might emerge? Discussions place Morrison in conversation with her literary interlocutors Hurston, Woolf, Faulkner and some of her most cherished contemporaries James Baldwin, Toni Cade Bambara.

Explores a variety of literary and cinematic works that depict the conflicting points of view and the varied interests of contemporary Israeli and Arab writers and filmmakers. Students learn the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and then explore a variety of issues relating to it by reading the work of Amos Oz, David Grossman, Mahmood Darwish, and others.

Explores how ideas about anger influence the tumultuous history of England between and an era in which widespread rage against an increasingly unjust establishment fueled massive revolts. Examines the representation of colonized places and people in the British literary imagination during the 19th century. Topics include otherness, difference, exoticism, transculturation, assimilation, and hybridity. No American geographical fact is more significant than the West less a place than an idea, an imaginative provocation.

Beginning in the s and continuing to the present, this course explores issues surrounding immigration, ethnicity, and nationality through the lens of immigrant writing. Students look at shifts and continuities over time and among diverse ethnic groups and explore how America creates ethnicity and immigrants create America. Examines the narrative strategies and genres that Black American writers have used to publicize discrepancies between Western discourses of freedom and liberality and the realities of slavery, segregation, apartheid, and the prison industrial complex.

Students read literary and nonliterary works by writers including Olaudah Equiano, Ralph Ellison, and Michelle Alexander. Texts are read in conjunction with historical background material. An exploration of representative poems in English and associated poetical theories from the late medieval and early modern period c. Explore a global tradition of premodern adventure writing ranging from the Chinese legend of Mulan, to Somalian tales about were-hyenas, to European Arthurian romances, to ancient Inca creation myths.

Throughout this survey, students read excerpts from modern fantasy literature drawing on these premodern traditions, including works by Maxine Hong Kingston, Marlon James, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Examines the literature of England written in French, English, and Latin from the Norman Conquest of when England was taken over by a Francophone elite to the 15th century.

Epic, romance, history, and the literature of spiritual devotion are read in their literary relations and social contexts. All readings are in translation. Covers the literary genre of romance in the late Middle Ages and Early Modern periods. The principal nondramatic genres—lyric poetry, prose fiction, political theory, social commentary, religious devotion—of Elizabethan and Jacobean England, read in their social and cultural contexts.

Alongside theoretical considerations of the novel as a form of rewriting Bakhtin, Bloom, Landow, et al. Dalloway, The Stranger, and other master narratives. Literature from the songs of the troubadours and the rise of romance to the work of Dante is examined in connection with movements in European intellectual life and social history. Readings are in translation. Drawing from the rich cinematography of Spain and Latin America, this course focuses on the interaction between film and culture in Latin America.

Films are discussed and analyzed in the context of sociopolitical events and aesthetic movements, with emphasis on the cultural perspective. Examines the emergence of national identity as represented in South Asian literature in the aftermath of colonialism. The class explores contemporary literary texts along with selected archival documents.

Topics include nationalist literature, colonial discourse, and postcolonial fiction. Analyzing poetry, novels, films and comic series, we consider topics such as colonialism and decolonization, transnationalism and border crossings, and the particular literary and aesthetic sensibilities of island and oceanic literatures.

Considers the literature of the Italian Renaissance in connection with such movements as humanism and Neoplatonism. Readings include works by Petrarch, Boccaccio, Machiavelli, Castiglione, and Ariosto in translation, but work in the original language is encouraged when possible. Explores the process of decolonization in the context of the emergence of India and Pakistan in South Asia and traces the origin of fundamentalism in this region.

Students examine the impact that fundamentalism has on religious, regional, and class identity through the works of both literary and nonliterary writers e. Study LGBTQ identities via novels, short fiction, and films, by queer-identified authors who interrogate heteropatriarchy within a postcolonial framework.

Texts include Queer Africa eds. Martin and Xaba , Leche by R. One of the greatest English writers and the central poetic influence in the language, Milton is read in the context of the classical literary, political, and religious traditions that he inherited, disputed, and transcended. Read the complete short stories of five Eastern European authors, including Dostoevsky's "The Grand Inquisitor" chapter from The Brothers Karamazov and focus on historical and thematic influences that connect Tolstoy, Gogol, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, and Kafka.

Latin American poets may be read in translation or in Spanish. What constitutes the genre of the novel and its various subgenres? This course asks these questions about the 19th-century novel in the U. In addition to many of the novels from the period, students read various theoretical and historical considerations of the novel. Examines the emergence of the Romantic imagination, the concept of the subject or self, and the plural nature of Romantic discourse in Wollstonecraft, Austen, and Wordsworth, among others.

Examines the continuities of themes and paradigms between the Romantic and Modern periods in British literature. Topics include literary form and its relation to historical and social change; Empire; gender and sexuality; and the romantic fragment and modernist fragmentation. The goal of this advanced course is to enable students to recognize the narrative of British literature by witnessing its transmission.

From Adam and Eve to the present, numerous authors have written about love. In this course, students examine forms and expressions of both romantic and erotic love in Western literature, from the Bible and ancient Greeks to Bob Dylan. Scott Fitzgerald, and Nabokov, in addition to love poems, recent American short stories, and more.

This period coincides with the Romantic movement in England; therefore, British Romanticism and also nonliterary writing in Britain during this period are considered in the context of Empire. Examines racial pride, racial origins, and urban blacks through an exploration of essays, poems, short stories, and novels by writers of the period — Readings provide ample opportunity to sample works embodying the intensity of short fiction and some of the expanded characterization and plot development of the novel.

Readings include works by several significant 19th- and 20th-century authors from many countries. Considerable experience with literature is helpful. Students consider world literature of the 20th century as it reflects and questions national and international boundaries, politics, religion, freedom, nationalism, sexuality, gender, and identity. Readings include a broad cross-section of contemporary writings by international authors to facilitate discussion of social norms and values and the diversity of global literary tradition.

The s was a decade of promise and anxiety in the US. In this course, advanced students improve their own writing and gain tutoring experience by serving as peer tutors in first-year courses. An examination of the style, production, and reception of Ulysses, one of the founding texts of modernist fiction.

Students analyze the distinctive style of each chapter and examine the relationship of the book to political and cultural issues of the period and to other literary texts by Joyce and continental writers. Readings also include historical, cultural, and critical materials. In this advanced lecture, the first wave of Gothic novels from the midth century to the midth century is examined in relation to visual representations of issues that dominate Gothic discourse.

Topics include horror, imprisonment, madness, gender, ghosts and vampires. How does embodiment reveal shifting notions of race, gender, sexuality, and ability? Students read performance theory and explore contemporary representations of bodies as sites of display, resistance, and re-construction in literature, performance, and everyday practices in transnational and intersectional contexts.

Detailed readings of the major essays, poetry, and journals of Ralph Waldo Emerson, the paradoxical central figure of American culture. The course addresses his powerful influence in literature, political ideology, rhetoric, religion, and popular arts. Holocaust scholar Lawrence Langer asks, "To whom shall we entrust the custody of the public memory of the Holocaust? Focuses on a variety of writings memoirs, letters, fiction, poetry , theatre, and films depicting the Yiddish world of the Lower East Side, home to more than two million Eastern European Jewish immigrants between and Readings include selections from the work of a variety of authors, from Yiddish newspapers, films, and other cultural materials.

What is a realist novel? What does it do, how, and to what end? Students' primary focus is on the bizarre and distorted fictions of Poe. Readings also include Poe's poetry, analogous stories by Hawthorne, works by Melville, poetry by Dickinson, and others, extending to James' 'Turn of the Screw' and other lateth-century writings. Explores constructions and representations of childhood and adolescence in post—Civil War U. From hip-hop to Kerouac, jazz has influenced American culture through its improvisatory nature and capacious style.

This course traces the jazz aesthetic its early developments, definitions, and evolutions across a range of novels, poems, and musical performances by writers and artists, including Toni Morrison, Amiri Baraka, Billie Holiday, Gayl Jones, Louis Armstrong, Ralph Ellison, Thelonious Monk, and James Baldwin. Through a variety of theoretical lenses, students explore aesthetic and ethical questions concerning how and why Shakespeare capitalizes on wonder so differently at various moments throughout his career.

The development of U. Provides an overview of contemporary poetry, as well as much practice in the close reading of poetic texts. The major novels of Melville, as well as some of his poetry and several important shorter works of his fiction. Explores the lives, works, and times of the Beat Generation authors, examining the literary and cultural landscape from which the Beats emerged and their profound effect on the nascent counterculture and on the music and literature of a generation of artists that followed.

An introduction to the contemporary novel and the art and practice of book reviewing. Students read exemplary novels e. Writing assignments range from blog posts to newspaper-style reviews and magazine-style essays. Modern and contemporary American poetry is studied with an emphasis on craft and the creative process.

Poets include T. Poetry writers are encouraged to enroll, and anyone interested in poetry is welcome. Looking at the Western literary canon from outside, we will consider texts at the margins national, transnational and postcolonial of the canon: contemporaneous texts which do not have the same literary success as well as those published later and meant as a critical response to the canon.

Class is in English and texts will be taught in English translation. The question of whether there is a traceable female tradition during the past years is addressed. Readings include feminist literary criticism and theory. An examination of the novels of Jane Austen. Topics include gender and authorship; irony, sympathy, and point of view; the marriage plot; and filmic adaptation.

An examination of short fiction as it emerged from the oral tradition of storytelling. Concise and focused, the short story has been a lens through which Americans have explored their identities. Stories written in the last 25 years examine the changing sense of what being an American means. Surrealist literature, films, and art in France, Spain, and Latin America. Although this is a literature course taught in English, students with competent Spanish language skills are encouraged to read the works in the original and write their papers in Spanish.

Novels, poems, and plays produced in the U. Focus is on the development of a postmodern aspect, and attention is concentrated on the flourishing literature of minority groups. Centers on a close reading of Don Quixote, with attention to other works of Cervantes and to his importance to European narrative as a whole. Students read a range of poetry written in the late 19th century through the s in France, Germany, Spain, Latin America, and the U. Explores how the emotions dread, sadness, and grief are theorized, represented, and solicited by works of literature written in England between and Explore representations of monstrosity in a variety of early British literature in order to unearth the social anxieties about gender, class, race, and religion that animate them.

An examination of the development of the British poetic canon in its literary and historical context. The development of lyric poetry is discussed in the context of changing reading practices and uses of literacy, and the multiple relations between literary artistry and the social world.

Magic and mythology meet modernity in this unique form of postcolonial narrative critique. What happens when the old gods reemerge in our hyper-rational globalized world? Examines the central role of war in Western literature, with a concentration on English and American texts. A close reading of the Divine Comedy in the dual context of late medieval Italy and contemporary theoretical inquiry.

William Carlos Williams and William Faulkner were both deeply engaged with the historical myths of their time and place, and both were central influences in the evolution of American modernism. Readings concentrate on major novels by Faulkner and poetry by Williams.

Works by Philip K. Dick, Ursula K. A culminating course that draws together the work of the major and prepares students for and complements the senior project. Each course section addresses its own topic; in every section, readings include primary texts, secondary texts that illuminate the primary texts, and works that define the discipline of literature or its interdisciplinary extensions, including theory and cultural studies.

Advanced study of one Shakespeare play that will be mounted in the spring by the acting program. Students of literature learn to develop comprehensive written and spoken communication skills, argue a point, frame a narrative, and analyze various levels of meaning. Dive into sub-fields such as comparative, contemporary, modernist and romanticist literature on edX. Explore some of the greatest literary works of our time, or learn how to write your own.

A series of courses from Harvard dive into the history of the development of the book as a piece of writing, and into the key figures and players in the history of poetry in America. A degree in literature can be used to launch careers in a variety of fields.

Graduates of literature programs may go on for further study in the subsets of English, American, or French literature, and ultimately teach at the high school or university level. Others may use the solid foundation an English literature degree provides to pursue careers in digital publishing, media and journalism, marketing and public relations, and advertising.

Many professionals in politics, law and business also have literature degrees. In fact, many well-known public figures , such as actress Emma Watson, politician Mitt Romney and Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas, earned a literature degree. EdX offers a variety of high-quality courses that will help you understand the important works of history, while developing skills essential for career success.

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Explore the works of some of the world's greatest writers and improve your own writing skills with short online literature courses, in-depth programs. Students look at the evolution of long-form journalism of postwar America, roughly defined as – Works include Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, John. Explore some of the greatest literary works of our time, or learn how to write your own. With the UC Berkeley book club, you can join a global discussion on key.